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Eyewear Inspiration

Eyewear inspiration

I’ve mentioned in the previous post that my eye sight definitely needs some improvement. I started wearing prescription glasses in my high-school days, and if back then I thought it was the coolest thing, currently not so much. These days I have the hardest time finding the right pair of specs, so much that I often postpone this task, like year after year. I’m too self-conscious when it comes to glasses, and when bombarded with too many options, I get overwhelmed and just feel like running away.

How To Beat The Winter Blues

How To Beat The Winter Blues

You’ve probably heard that January is the month of the year when most people suffer from the winter blues. New research also proved that a whopping fifty percent of women are more likely to suffer from it more than men, and will likely compensate those feelings with food. So much for our New Year’s resolutions.

I’ve personally struggled with depression in the past and most recently with generalised anxiety disorder, as I wrote a few months ago, and this time of the year can be pretty rough on me. I can definitely feel the lack of natural light starting to have its impact on my mood, especially by the end of each week when I can only think of the weekend. Do you feel this way as well?

A Serious Case Of Wanderlust

A serious case of wanderlust - Places to visit in 2015

January is by far the dullest month of the year. There’s not much going on, especially after the hype of the holidays. It’s awfully cold and grim, the temperature won’t go higher than 4ºC this week. At least we could get some freaking snow for crying out loud, but I don’t think that’s happening anytime soon for us Londoners. January has got us miserably waking up everyday to pitch black skies and getting out of work when it’s dark again. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll get some sunshine on your pale skin during lunchtime, if you’re not surrounded by skyscrapers that is, while hoping your fingers don’t freeze and fall off.

While I’m trying to stay busy indoors, I can’t help but get a serious case of wanderlust. Don’t you feel the same way? I wonder why we’re constantly being bombarded with summery holiday ads on tv, it’s like a punch in the stomach. Evil marketeers. Of course we all feel tempted to head south and have the time of our lives. Whatever those guys are doing, they’re doing it right because all is want to do is pack up and go on holidays.