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Dairy-free Banana & Walnut Loaf

Banana Walnut Loaf

I haven’t baked in a very long time, possibly since Christmas, mostly because I’ve been on a health kick and trying to cut down on sugar and carbs. This doesn’t mean I have been successful at it, because I can’t go without having a piece of chocolate here and there and a dessert when dining out. Ha!

This weekend I broke my “baking fast” and whipped up something nice to go with tea. I had quite a few organic bananas going overripe, and even though I’d been (unsuccessfully) telling the husband to eat them, they were starting to turn very spotty for my taste.

What’s the better way to use up very ripe bananas? A banana loaf! This easy recipe benefits from not using milk at all, as the mashed bananas already give it a moist consistency.

Raw Vegan Cashew Cheese

Raw Vegan Cashew Cheese

I started making cashew cheese a couple of years ago and since then I’ve mastered the recipe to the point I’ll happily share it with the world. If you’re not familiar with cashew cheese, don’t let the name scare you – it’s dead easy to whip up and uber delicious.

I often make cashew cheese for family gatherings, dinner parties or simply just because. It makes a perfect starter served along with crackers and marinated olives and it surely is an ice breaker, sparking conversation around the table.

If you’re a fan of creamy cheese dips, I’ll guarantee you that you will go bonkers with this dairy-free version. It’s so addictive that one time my father-in-law may or may not have sneaked into the kitchen fridge to have some more in the middle of the night.

Vegan Breakfast Bowl

Vegan Breakfast Bowl

My Saturday morning kicked off with this breakfast bowl of vegan goodness. I always start my mornings with a plant-based breakfast, it’s my rule of thumb.
I don’t usually have time for elaborate breakfasts during weekdays, and even when on weekends, sometimes I just feel like fixing up something quick but nutritious. After all, weekends are for relaxing and savouring life. I enjoy leaving all my worries aside and taking my time to enjoy a simple but oh so delicious breakfast in the sofa.