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10 Ways To Feel Happier

10 Ways To Feel Happier

In celebration of the Internal Happiness Day we mustn’t forget that happiness comes from within. It’s definitely easier to put blame on an event or somebody else for feeling a certain way, but truth is seeing things that way doesn’t help us one bit.

It’s our own responsibility to let go of those grudges and make ourselves happy, you know? And while we’re at it, make the ones around you happy as well. We get the most joy from doing nice things for others, help out a friend or even a stranger.

No matter our background or circumstance, there’s nothing wrong about wanting to be a little happier. We only have one life to live so we better make the best out of it, and that should start today as tomorrow might be too late.

Let’s all try and be a little more happier today and from now on, shall we? Here’s 1o ways that will definitely improve your happiness…

Find Your Happy Place

St Christopher's Place

International Happiness Day is just a few days away, on Friday 20th March! I’m all for creating a positive life for you and the ones around you every single day. But if there is a day to remind us that we all should make an effort to be and make others a little happier no matter the circumstances, I find that awesome.

What are you doing to celebrate this day in style, ladies?

Unfortunately I’ll be spending the day at work, but definitely with a happier mindset. And by the time I get out, I’ll be heading down to St Christopher’s Place where a ‘Happiness Hub’ is taking place. Sounds like a good plan, don’t you think?

The Coolest Yoga Classes in London

The Coolest Yoga Classes in London

Are you bored of the usual gym-based yoga classes? I know I am. I’m in dire need to step up my yoga game as lately I’ve been utterly detached from my yoga practice because it doesn’t get me as excited as before. I want something new!
And where’s the best place to experience yoga in a totally new perspective? Right here in the city of London.

You can attend free yoga classes in many parks of the city, which is great during summer. You can even have a go at shoulder stands inside hotpods set up on various rooftops. There’s so much going on. I’m sure you’ll find something in the city that tickles your fancy.

Here’s a roundup of the five coolest yoga classes in London. These should totally go on your bucket list…