18 Things To Do When You’re Sick

Today I woke up feeling like a hot mess, sore throat, swollen tonsils, ear pain, and some awful menstrual cramps included. Such an awful way to start a day… calling in sick, delaying some errands, and a day ahead feeling like crap home alone.

Long has gone the time when being sick meant being the star of the day, when your mommy pampered you with all the comfort food you loved and gave you the cough syrup herself with a flying spoon. Sadly, back then we didn’t have these! Well, you’re on your own now and it’s all on you, here’s some tips to make sure you take good care of yourself, because being sick doesn’t have to suck at all!

1. Watch funny videos online – Others misfortune will make you feel quite better and it will give you something to laugh about, despite your miserable looks. Try Failblog compilations or LOLcats, they make my day.

2. A whole day of TV shows – Why not? You can, right? Old TV shows, reruns, new episodes, soap operas, whatever you like. The remote is all yours today.

3. …Or Chick flicks – No boyfriend around means you can catch up on those girly movies you’ve been dying to see for some time now.

4. Grab some old magazines – Funny thing is, unless they’re fashion issues, you’ll be surprised how women magazines will still be updated after a couple of years.

5. Cuddling with your pet in bed – Your pet senses your sick grumpiness, and will keep you company all day! Cats absolutely love naps, and for what i know, dogs love’em too.

6. Write yourself a love letter – Love yourself. You’re sick but still beautiful. It’s very difficult to truly love someone when you don’t love yourself. Why? Because if you don’t love yourself, you’ll find it difficult to accept that someone else can love you.
And if you have difficulty accepting another person’s love, you’ll inevitably be constantly seeking reassurance, allowing jealousy or suspicion to creep in, which can cause problems in a relationship. Enjoy the process! List the things you love about you, what you’re good at, think of the things you want to work on, and the things you absolutely don’t want to become and write them down.

7. Don’t care about your looks – It’s your DGAF day! No make up, no showering, no perfume or scented body lotion, no straightening your hair… Throw on some comfy pjs, a warm blanket, ugly socks and bunny slippers, and feel welcome in comfort land.

8. Open a box of memories – It feels good to hold on to those little bits of your past. Remember your childhood years, your first love, your first summer vacations with friends, beach days with the family collecting sea shells, the fun you had with your grandparents house… Memories are part of who we are and we must cherish them.

9. Eat whatever you want – It’s one of those rare days when you’re sick, you deserve it. Grab some of your favorite comfort junk food! Cheetos, twinkies, gummy bears, chips, a chocolate bar, cakes… Forget about dieting, counting all the calories you eat, don’t worry! You’ll hit the gym as soon as you feel better and run a bit more than your exercise plan.

10. Drink lots of tea – You have to keep your body hydrated. Tea gives you the same amount of water than water itself plus all the healthy benefits of tea leaves. It’s proven that a cup of hot tea provides your body a sense of relaxation and creates a calmer yet more alert state of mind, it’s packed with antioxidants and eases irritability, headaches and nervous tension.

11. Scour the internets! You know you want to. Your boss and colleagues ain’t peaking on your computer now. Catch up on Facebook, your favorite blogs, Tumblr, Fancy and Pinterest all day long: they are my favorites!

12. Ask your boyfriend for an extra dose of love – You’ve got a free pass today, use it.. don’t exaggerate though, nobody likes a cry baby! He can bring you your favorite chocolate or candy and cuddle with you all night, he’ll be happy to know he’s making his part on making you feel better.

13. Check out the new fashion trends – Every brand catalogue or lookbook is available online. Delight your eyes with some good trends for the upcoming season.

14. Call a long time friend or someone of your family – Ask them how they are, catch up a bit,  and due to your illness it’s okay to whine a little, they’ll comfort you. Tell them you miss them and take the chance to invite them to do something fun next weekend!

15. Read a good book – Catch up on your reading, don’t choose a book that will eventually make you sad though.

16. Play games on your laptop or iPad – Make sure to download the funniest, most stupid and nonsense games you find.

17. Cut yourself some slack, will ya? – Be easy on yourself, nobody expects you to do heavy intellectual tasks today… work can wait until tomorrow!

18. Stop worrying – Don’t worry about cleaning the house, take it easy. Dusting can wait, vacuuming also! Honestly, unless it’s really really messy and dirty… nobody will care about it but you, really.


Get well and remember tomorrow will be better,

Rita Fontes♥


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    1. Alexis your right they need to make more of the lists for kids when i’m bored and i go online or sick to find something to do i never can casue there always made for adults or older teenagers. START MAKING FUN IDEAS FOR KIDS and thats for everyone online who writes these lists do it for a kid or a tween for once.

        1. You’re right. I’m in need of something to do when I’m sick and bored.MAKE MORE BOREDEM BUSTER WEBSITES FOR ILL KIDS!! 🙂 🙂

    1. For all you kids, give the auther some slack! They shouldn’t get all these hate commentsif you want a kids one just type it in on Google there are hundreds!…plus half of you shouldn’t be on blogs and stuff anyway your far too young!

      For kids~cuddle up in front of the t.v with your comfy PJs, blankets,hot water bottle and a stuffed toy
      ~watch a film
      ~read a book
      ~do stretches
      ~text a a friend (I assume you all have phones kids get them way too early these days)
      ~eat your fave food
      ~watch YouTube
      ~browse the internet

  1. Ya i agree with everyone really im 14 nd not everyone thinks about cleaning or looks…tbh i hate sleeping..nd i think yhu should make a kid/teenager one tank yhu bah

  2. If you wanted to find a kid website then why are you hanging around here? Go play your iPhone or laptop or something like that.

  3. I am 13 and though I agree that there needs to be more kids stuff there is a lot of stuff on there you can do, no matter what age you are. Thanks for the tips! I found a few good things to do thanks to you!

  4. There are tons of versions of this list for kids. Just Google it. And this is a great list. I can never find one for adults. Thanks!

  5. That is so, like true. Cuddling with my cat is the best when sick. Also, I like getting a massage and manicure.

  6. I agree I’m only 10 and can barely speak in so sick (sniff) I would like a kid friendly one all you have to do is put together another list more kid aproppriate thanks!

  7. Umm… i agree with all these but one. I myself am sick right now with the flu. Don’t you think you shouldn’t eat anything sweet when your sick? It could make you throw up. 😀

  8. Hi there,
    There are good ideas but, it depends on what kind of sick you are.
    By example: you shouldn’t eat anything you want. Eat healthy things if you are really sick. Take a lot of rest and be hyghienic.
    Have a nice day!

  9. Honestly I’m 13, you guys can find out great ways by your self. Just follow these steps with a blanket and pillow.

    Boys- sleep, eat, game, whatever you like…

    Girls- SAME THING, just do whatever and relax.

  10. I totes agree with all the other tweens and teens, they never have any blogs for kids and there are alot of kids out there that don’t know what to do when there sick . And plus all those rude adults that are saying mean stuff it’s wrong and can be legal to abuse kids.

  11. Yea, we do need kids ideas, I’m 12 and can only do a few of these but they were fun. Also, adults, don’t comment bad things on kids comments, it’s not just you who has rights ya know.

  12. All the kids tho, they’re gonna start a revolution. Fml I’m 13 and I have a boyfriend so stfu, btw I’m also a boy so screw u guys, if I can find a boyfriend in a very homophobic school, I’m sure u kids can play with ur my little ponies or some crap. There are wars goin’ on in the world and u guys are goin’ on about a stupid kids list. JESUS CHRIST!!!

    1. I’m 10 and I don’t need a kids list I’m sick with a cold and I am just eating chocolate chips and watching tv and I don’t need a kids list.just eat chocolate it always makes me feel better.😊

  13. Rita, I know you tried hard on this website, but I mean you kind of stated the obvious things and we are KIDS not teenagers. I was thinking you would put in some DIYS to do at home, not the stuff that anyone that is a teenager would normally do.

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