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5 Little Things That Will Change Your Life

5 Little Things That Will Change Your Life

As the winter months go by it’s only normal to feel a little sluggish. After all, the lack of sunlight and the fact that we spend most time indoors hiding away from the cold, can leave us feeling somewhat depressed and longing for sunnier, warmer days. Don’t worry though, you’re not alone! The good thing is these feelings are only temporary, days are getting longer and it will be Spring in no time.

Meanwhile, there’s little changes you can do in your routine that can definitely go a long way when it comes to how you feel… Here’s 5 things I do that actually changed my day-to-day life for the better.

Lemon-Infused Water In My Bobble

Lemon-Infuse Water In My Bobble

I carry my Bobble bottle everywhere, around the office, to every meeting, while working out, on the go, you name it!

I find that keeping a bottle of water near me at all times really helps me reach my goal of drinking two litres of water a day.

This size holds up to 550ml so I try to fill it up three times per day, plus I drink two cups of matcha tea in the morning, which gives me my total of 2 litres.

No Complaining This February

Complaint Restraint

My husband told me about this no complaints movement that Pieter Pelgrims and Thierry Blanpain have started.
You see, they came up with the brilliant idea of doing Complaint Restraint during the whole month of February and I absolutely love the idea.

I’m all for making positive changes to my lifestyle that will benefit me and the ones around me, so I’ve wholeheartedly signed up for the challenge. And you can do the same here. Will you join me?