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Baked Donut Bites With Chocolate Coating

I’m a sucker for donuts, but for some reason I have never tried to do a batch of these babies at home. I don’t even have a donut pan! That’s why donut bites are the perfect solution to put an end to any donut cravings, and they’re just the right portion. I find bite-sized baked goods the best choice for casual parties or to give as a gift, or you know… just because you fancy something sweet.

What you’ll need

Yields 12-14 donut bites or 6-8 large donuts
1 cup all-purpose flour
1/2 cup sugar
1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp nutmeg
1 shake of cinnamon
1/2 cup soy milk
1/4 teaspoon white wine vinegar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
Egg replacer for 1 egg (I used Ener-G Egg Replacer)
4 tablespoons sunflower spread (or any vegan margarine)
Your favorite vegan chocolate bar (I used Plamil Dairy Free Milk Chocolate)
Crushed walnuts
Vegan smarties (I used Buntinies)

Pre-heat over at 350ºF / 180º C.
Combine dry ingredients in a bowl with a whisk to mix thoroughly.
In a small saucepan, combine wet ingredients over medium low heat & mix until margarine is melted. Don’t make this too hot for the dough!
Add wet to dry & mix until combined, forming a soft spongy dough.
Using a tablespoon measure, scoop out dough into an ungreased nonstick pan & smooth out the tops of them. I used a muffin pan since I don’t own a proper donut pan yet, which works just fine if you’re making bite-sized donut holes like I did. You can also make fun shapes in those molded silicone pans, which is great for kids.
Now you bake them for 12 minutes or until a tester comes out clean.
Invert the hot pan over a cooling rack to release the donuts and allow them to cool completely before coating.

For the chocolate coating
Melt the chocolate over a double boiler and remove from the heat when all is melted.
Dip your donuts into the chocolate until the top is fully covered and place on a wire rack to cool off.
Sprinkle crushed walnuts or vegan Smarties, or whatever you prefer!

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Essentials: Skin Care #1

I bless mother nature for not giving me troubled skin. I didn’t really put any effort into my skin until 2 years ago, when I realized I should take better care of it. Otherwise I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be so lucky in future years.
I put together a list of the products I am currently using, and I strongly recommend them for all sorts of good reasons.

Essentials: Skin Care #1


1 / REN Sirtuin Phytohormone Replenishing Cream: Even though I’m in my twenties, I’ve made the big decision to start using anti-ageing products. Well, truth is we’re not getting any younger and ‘anti-ageing’ is meant to be used before skins ages, right? This is an advanced treatment moisturiser specifically formulated to prevent and treat the signs of ageing especially due to hormonal changes. I’m on the 2nd bottle and it does wonders, that’s for sure.

2 / REN Omega 3 Night Repair Serum: A night oil-based serum that replenishes skin lipids to leave your complexion looking naturally smoother and healthier.
The source of Omega 3 is vegetable plankton. There are is no fish in this product, as most REN products except 2 of their range are vegan and cruelty-free.
Oily and acne-prone skin may find this item too rich in texture, however if you have dry skin this item would help to balance the skin and maintain the moisture barrier, which helps to prevent breakouts. I use it mostly during winter months as my skin is drier.

3 / Urban Decay Urban Defense SPF20:
The light-diffusing pigments in this wonder product diffuse the look of fines lines and wrinkles for a natural, youthful finish, while the buildable coverage it offers lets you wear it alone (great for warm weather) or under powder for a more polished look. This tinted moisturizer contains SPF 20, which is a must to prevent sun damage on skin, as well as a multi-mineral complex that battles free radical damage. I simply love this.

4 / Lush Cupcake Mask: It literally smells like chocolate cupcakes, but make sure not to get too caught up in it or you might want to eat it! It has a Rhassoul mud and cocoa powder base, which is fantastic for absorbing dirt and the build-up of oil in your skin. It’s an amazing complement to the Catastrophic Cosmetic mask.

5 / Lush Catastrophe Cosmetic Mask:  I switch between the aforementioned mask and the Catastrophe Cosmetic. This a cooling, soothing, detoxifying and refreshing blueberry mask to keep your skin fresh and hydrated. Blueberries carry loads of vitamins and antioxidants to give your skin a boost, and it contains calamine powder and chamomile essential oil which is also excellent for troubled skin by soreness and flakiness.  The orange oil is toning and helps to remove toxins. Use it when you’ve been too busy to take proper care of your skin.

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So You Think You Can Cook?

Dita Von Teese on InStyle Magazine Feb 2011Dita Von Teese on InStyle Magazine Feb 2011

I always loved to cook for friends and family, my mom always told me I should have my own little restaurant, even though I’m pretty sure it was just a mischievous incentive to get me cooking more often around the house rather than career guidance… But you know what? I always liked the idea of owning a food business and turning my passion for cooking into a full-time business. Who knows, right? The future is what you make of it, and tomorrow is the first step towards your dreams. Literally. Tomorrow evening I’m attending a Running a Food Business from Home, and I’m SO excited about it!

If you always wanted to take your cooking and/or baking skills to another level, or if you always dreamed of having your own restaurant / stall, Ms.Cupcake, besides having the most scrumptious cupcakes I’ve ever eaten – which are vegan by the way – they often run workshops and classes.

“Ms. Cupcake started her business in her home kitchen in south London in 2010. She wanted to change her career but didn’t have the first clue about how to do it. Sound familiar? Ms. Cupcake has developed the class she wished she could have taken when starting out!
This information-packed 2 hour seminar led by Mellissa Morgan (aka Ms. Cupcake) will educate and motivate you to get your business off the ground!”

Running a Food Business from Home
In this class you will learn how to:

– Set up the business in terms of HMRC
– Register your home kitchen with your local council
– Obtain food safety and hygiene qualifications
– Get your business online
– Use social media effectively
– Brand your business and find your unique selling point
– Employ staff
– Find customers and a marketplace to retail your goods
– Get methods in place so that you run your business rather than having it run you!

You’re still in time to buy tickets for this enlightening session, and you can also check other cooking-related classes Ms.Cupcake will run this Summer. Worth a look!

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