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Vegan Breakfast Bowl

Vegan Breakfast Bowl

My Saturday morning kicked off with this breakfast bowl of vegan goodness. I always start my mornings with a plant-based breakfast, it’s my rule of thumb.
I don’t usually have time for elaborate breakfasts during weekdays, and even when on weekends, sometimes I just feel like fixing up something quick but nutritious. After all, weekends are for relaxing and savouring life. I enjoy leaving all my worries aside and taking my time to enjoy a simple but oh so delicious breakfast in the sofa.

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Eyewear Inspiration

Eyewear inspiration

I’ve mentioned in the previous post that my eye sight definitely needs some improvement. I started wearing prescription glasses in my high-school days, and if back then I thought it was the coolest thing, currently not so much. These days I have the hardest time finding the right pair of specs, so much that I often postpone this task, like year after year. I’m too self-conscious when it comes to glasses, and when bombarded with too many options, I get overwhelmed and just feel like running away.


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Estee Lauder Eye Cream

I’ve got to admit the issue I had with my eye was a game changer. During that week I just wished sunglasses were an acceptable workplace accessory, but I’ve been told this isn’t a poker game.

Having dry, flaky and itchy skin in the eyes was so uncomfortable, unbearable at times, which made me realise I really should pay more attention to this extremely sensitive area. Truth is I haven’t bought an eye cream for over a year now, so to be fair I’ve been pushing it and now I’m paying the price. Even in the past, I don’t think I’ve ever bought a decent eye cream to be honest. This time around I made a very adult-like decision and invested in a really good eye cream. I’ve read outstanding reviews of Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Cream with Synchronized Complex II and decided to give it a try.