Hello! My name is Rita Correia and this is my little blog. I’m so glad you stopped by!

I’m a 27 year old newlywed living in the gorgeous city of London, UK. I share my life with Pete, my high-school sweetheart now turned husband, and Yoshi, our adopted stray cat. We are passionate about pursuing our dreams, being the best we can be as individuals and savouring life.

I’m a freelance digital project manager with a passion for all things creative. That realisation made me take the leap to major in Communication Technologies, but the truth is I’ve always struggled to find the right career path as I love several things equally. Along the way I managed to take as many creative classes as I possibly could, from design to photography, to video and film, web design and advertising, some art direction and special effects makeup as well. It has been a whirlwind so far, but I ended up finding a good balance in being a creative producer / project manager in digital. Being a freelancer gives me the flexibility to pursue other endeavours such as blogging or travelling, especially during my downtime.

So, what do I blog about? Here you will find posts brimming with inspiration, honest advice, delicious vegetarian & vegan food, and mostly things that I enjoy. I write about lifestyle, how to make the most out of life, cruelty-free beauty, my adventures in the kitchen and places I’ve visited. I love cooking so you’ll probably find some photos of cake as well. But who doesn’t love cake?
My goal is to inspire and motivate women to be the best they can be in their lives, overcoming struggles in the best way possible whilst enjoying every moment. I believe the small things should be celebrated. Again, most certainly with cake.

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