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A Very Merry Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Hopefully tonight we’ll all be getting together with our families and closest friends and just be merry! Remember not to diet, indulge yourself with all the desserts and yummy food your belly can take, and make sure to be all smiles and giggles! I’m wishing each and every one of you a very wonderful and warm Christmas, may all your wishes come true and I truly hope happiness and love fills your hearts. Here’s to being better and not bitter!

Have a magical Christmas y’all! Let your heart be light, with Judy Garland.

Lots of Christmassy love and smoochies under the mistletoe, XO


It’s Christmas Time: Jolly December Activities

Hey y’all! Hope you all had a great weekend and are prepared to enjoy the last week before Christmas. Many say December is the most busy month of the year, and they may be right, but still you got to make room for some fun between errands and decorations, cooking and hunting for gifts, right? It’s 5 days until Christmas and believe me you still have plenty of time to enjoy this week at its fullest!

1. Send out your love in good ol’ postcards

Facebook, instant messaging and emails are absolutely great, but there’s nothing like getting a postcard like the good ol’ days! Christmas is a wonderful time to remember everyone who has been a special part of your year. Even a couple of lines thanking them for being in your life will mean so much, and they will feel so loved and appreciated!
Make sure you’ll write them whilst listening to some Christmas songs, to enlighten the season mood! And don’t forget to send them out as soon as you can because this is the busiest month of the year!

2. Get crafty! Make your own Christmas decorations

This year was the first time I’ve made our very own Christmas decorations. How about DIY twinkle lights? They’re easy and give a little touch of Christmas to your house. I followed the instructions from Maie Dae blog: Ribbon Lights DIY.
All you need is a strand of lights (large bulbs or twinkle lights) and festive ribbons, in colours that compliment your home. Mine turned out great with red, golden, burgundy and striped green ribbons, and are beautifully hanging in our kitchen window!

3. Gather your friends and watch some Christmas classics

What is your favourite Christmas movie? I love watching Home Alone 2: Lost In New York, I’ve been watching it every year on any given December day since I remember, it has become a tradition!
Why not invite your friends over and do some Christmas movies marathon while eating your favourite munchies or ordering a couple of pizzas? Make sure that you all share a blanket or two! Coziness to the max. Here is a list of the Top 5 Funniest Christmas Movies of all time.

4. Have your picture taken with Santa

Be a kid again, wait in line for a couple of hours and have your picture taken with Santa! Sitting on a lap of a stranger, may be, well, an awkward moment… So bring your best friend too, so both of you can take the photo together, and have a good laugh years from now!

5. Go ice skating with your significant other

Make time for a romantic ice skating session with your better half, there are lots of ice rinks in your town! If you are lucky enough to have snow back where you’re living, go sleigh ride together! I promise it will be a fun time you’ll be remembering for ages. Especially if you trip and fall!

6. Visit a Christmas Market

Go to a Christmas market, the local the better. Here is a list of Europe’s top Christmas markets for you, hopefully you’re near one of them. Try one of the holiday specialties. And if you never tried spiced mulled wine, give it a try! It’s amazing.

What are your favourite activities for this week prior to Christmas? Do you have your very own tradition?

Merry Monday everyone!

Top image found on SharonCute

It’s Christmas Time: Christmas Trees From Around the World

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree! Fa la la la! There’s something magical about Christmas trees, I could stare at a Christmas tree for hours and still be amazed.
From picking that right evergreen coniferous tree and bringing it home, carefully choosing the ornaments and lights and decorating it, I find it one of the most beautiful traditions related to Christmas that we’ve been doing for centuries.
Did you know the earliest accounts of decorating a tree at Christmas were recorded in Livonia and in Germany in the 15th century? Nice!
Here is a wrap up of the most famous Christmas trees from around the world!

1. Lego Christmas Tree, St. Pancras Station, London

The world’s largest ever LEGO Christmas tree is now standing on the concourse at St. Pancras Station, London for the public to enjoy. Consisting of approximately 400,000 individual bricks and requiring a steel frame to support its three-tonne-weight, the tree was constructed by the UK’s only certified LEGO professional, Duncan Titchmarsh, and his team at Bright Bricks – a company which specialises in creating giant LEGO commissions.

2. Old Town Square, Prague

The Prague Christmas tree lights up the city centre at this time of year, bringing tourists and locals together to enjoy the holiday spirit, in a true ‘winter wonderland’ setting.

3. Christmas Tree in Puerto Princesa, Manila, Philippines

The Christmas Tree in Puerto Princesa is probably one of the tallest we have ever seen in the Phlippines standing at 112 feet with 20,000 lights. It was created by Mayor Hagedorn of Puerto Princesa. Every year, they are committed to add 10 feet to the height of the tree.

4. Dortmund, Germany

The Christmas tree of Dortmund is the largest in the world and is built with a scaffold covered with 1700 Norway spruces, 40000 lights and is 45 meters high.

5. Christmas Tree at the Rockefeller Center, New York

The Rockefeller Center Christmas tree stands lit during the 79th annual lighting ceremony, in New York.

6. Rodrigo de Freitas Lake, Rio de Janeiro

Fireworks display at the Rodrigo de Freitas Lake, where a Christmas tree stands surrounded by presents, at Rio de Janeiro.

7. Christmas Tree at the White House, Washington

Christmas tree at the White House, Washington, with the family dog, Bo.

8. St. Peter’s Square, Vatican

Workers erect a Christmas tree in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican.

9. $2M Golden Christmas tree, Tokyo

The Japanese jeweler Tanaka Kikinzoku unveils a $2 million Christmas tree, which will be on display until Christmas Day. The “Golden Christmas Tree” is made from 26 pounds of the precious metal and stands at 8.2 feet tall. The tree’s decorations, which include 100 ribbons, orchids and hearts, are also made of gold.

Have a nice weekend everyone!