Thanksgiving Feast Cook-off

The Thanksgiving cook-off marathon is about to start! I’m super thrilled ’cause I’m so passionate about cooking, especially for special occasions.

I’ve already sorted out the dinner menu and went grocery shopping with the boyfriend yesterday, which got him really impressed on how accurate grocery shopping for special days is, having in mind we’ll be cooking everything from scratch. Thank god we’ve got a Whole Foods Market right in our neighbourhood, with plenty of seasonal and organic american products including everything for a traditional american Thanksgiving, and vegan stuff. Talking about a thousand products I wasn’t able to find back in Portugal, ha!

As I mentioned in my previous post  we’re having a fully vegan Thanksgiving this year, which will be ten times better than our vegetarian dinner we had last year! So no gobble gobble, no dairy and no eggs, a total cruelty free dinner.

We’ll start with pimento-stuffed green olives, the main course will be a Roasted Tofu Loaf with a Sage and Chestnut Stuffing, Vegan Mashed Potatoes as side dish and Vegan Gravy, and of course Cranberry Sauce. For dessert we’ll have a Vegan Pumpkin Pie, which I never have tried before but hopefully it will taste amazingly.
I’m gonna follow some recipes I’ve found online during my research, so you can follow the hyperlink for each.

And you guys, what are you having for your Thanksgiving dinner?

Well, let the cooking begin! Don’t forget to have loads of fun in the kitchen!

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