A Vegan Thanksgiving

After a couple of crazy hectic weeks and finally having ourselves settled in our new London flat (with broadband, YES!), well… we better start celebrating the fact that everything is gladly falling into place for us.

Thanksgiving is coming up tomorrow and even though it ain’t either an English or Portuguese tradition – it’s purely American, we’ve been always drawn to celebrate it the best way we can, making it our second Thanksgiving! But why celebrate it?

It’s the whole meaning behind it – truly being thankful and having a special day to do so. Being thankful for a whole year that has passed by and celebrating it. It’s not about the gifts, because we don’t really bother to trade them, we leave that for Christmas. Doesn’t have to do with religion either, because we’re both atheists and surely don’t buy Catholicism. It’s only about being thankful.

We seem to have forgotten the graciousness of the gift that is our Life and everything we have. We use to take for granted simple things such as peace, love, housing and comfort, having money on your pocket and kindness and we have vainly imagined by the deceitfulness of our hearts that all the blessings we have were simply handed on to us. These and more values should be gratefully acknowledged, as with one heart and one voice Thanksgiving should be celebrated world widely.

And of course we make it a Turkey-free dinner, Thanksgiving doesn’t need to be a cruelty feast. You just simply have to replace it with the good ol’ stuffed tofu loaf and a few delightful veggie sides, which I only adventure myself on cooking each Thanksgiving. Talking about making it special!

Later today we’re gonna make a trip to a couple of grocery shops to find the perfect ingredients and hopefully come home fully packed with amazingly looking and incredibly delicious seasonal goods.

And how about you? Are you planning a Thanksgiving special dinner for tomorrow?

Be grateful,

PS: So awfully sorry it took me so long to update the blog, kittens! Believe me, 22 days without broadband is recipe to drive anyone insane, apparently I’m alive though!

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