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It’s Christmas Time: Christmas Adverts

One of the greatest things of the holiday season is TV adverts, being honest some of the times I prefer watching the commercials rather than the upcoming show!  Well this is the time of the year when brands need to be more creative and reassuring with their campaigns, and I’ve seen some great ones this season. Here are some of my favourite Christmas commercials of 2011!

1. John Lewis Christmas 2011

John Lewis Christmas commercial is one of the most emotional flashing on TV this season. Happy endings.

2. Game Gift Ideas Christmas 2011

The whole advertising campaign is funny as hell and totally unexpected, try searching for the Squirrel or the Cat ads on Youtube too. Good laugh!

3. Target Chorus Lady Christmas 2011

Crazy Target lady comes back with an obsessive-compulsive love for Christmas postcards.

4. Coca-Cola Holidays are Coming

You know Christmas is coming when the Coca-Cola truck appears strolling down your TV screen! This one’s a Holiday classic, and I hope it stays this way every year.

5. FIFA 2012 Christmas 2011

Sorry PES lovers, FIFA12 has better adverts and that sounds fair to me! The TV advert features Rooney, Kaka, Wilshere, Piqué and Cahill telling us what they really want for Christmas.

What are your favourite adverts of this season?

Happy holidays! XO


It’s Christmas Time: Gifts for Girls

Woohoo, 9 days left for Christmas Eve! This is the season to be jolly, to give and to share! I wrapped up a Christmas gift guide for you guys, to help you find the perfect gift for that special lady.

Shopping for girls can be difficult, especially if you’re a clueless man. Ha! Truth is women can be picky but most of us just want happiness, really. Though happiness can also come in many forms and shapes, it can also be something handpicked by someone we love, wrapped in pink paper and a big bow on top. Make only sure it brings an ear-to-ear smile to her face!

1. Fortune-Telling Book of Names

Fortune-Telling Book of Names
, £3-£7

Whether your best friend is going to be a baby mama, or if she just likes to scope out her ex’s names meaning, this delightful book unlocks the secrets held within hundreds of names. Each entry features a personalized fortune uncovering whether a name foretells health wealth or happiness. And for further divination there are also fun extras such as name origin spelling variations popular names throughout history and a primer on the art of numerology. And the cherry on top, it comes with charming vintage illustrations to die for!

2. Rabbit iPhone 4/4s Case

Rabbit Case with PomPom Tail for iPhone 4/4s
, from £4.95

Isn’t this iPhone case adorable? It’s available every where on the web for a bargain, and it comes in many colours such as white, black, grey, transparent grey, soft pink, green, and more with different rabbit tails. The tail is a cute detail that makes the iPhone stand both vertically or horizontally, and can be detached at your convenience. Super kawaii!

3. Furla Boston Candy Bag

Furla Boston Candy Bag, £215

A star is born with the stud decorated rock version of the Candy bag! This is one of the most wanted bags of this season, characterised by the playful mix of contemporary chic in the shape and avantgarde taste in PVC craftsmanship. Embellished by the Furla Candy Bag metal padlock and the Furla Candy Bag tag, this handbag is a must-have.

4. Pieces Hamilton Tartan Gloves

Pieces Hamilton Tartan Gloves
, £22

Nothing says Winter Greetings as a pair of beautiful warm gloves, and one can never have too many gloves! These tartan gloves are super cute and slim (I hate chunky wool gloves, they’re so uneasy!). You can find them at ASOS, and are also available in red tartan.

5. Stone-bake Pizza Oven

Giles and Posner Stone-bake Pizza Oven, £60

Fact is everyone loves pizza! If your special lady is also passionate about cooking and baking, this may be a housewarming surprise under the tree. As well as an upper grill, this brilliant gizmo features a spinning stone element that imparts a unique italian stone-baked  flavour to your favourite circular snacks. And did you know Giles and Posner are also the inventors of the fondue?
Well, Stone-baked pizza at home, hmmmm, it’s like Giovanni’s your uncle!

6. Kate Spade Bow Bridge Ring & Bangle

Kate Spade Bow Bridge Ring
, $78$39 / Kate Spade Bow Bridge Bangle, $178$124 (on sale)

Because every girl loves accessories, especially if they come with a bow, and these Kate Spade beauties are on sale!

7. Michael Kors Chronograph Watch

Michael Kors Chronograph Watch (Golden)
, $250

This Michael Kors Chronograph watch comes in golden, shiny rose golden, white, silver and tortoise, and also in midsize or oversize models, depending on how she likes them and the size of her wrist.

Happy Christmas shopping! XO


It’s Christmas Time: Gifts for Boys

Oh, wow! It’s exactly 10 days left to Christmas: HOORAY! You better hop to it or else you’ll end up with crappy gifts just because you were lazy and you don’t want to look bad, do you? So if you haven’t got the perfect gift for that friend, or your cousin, brother, or even boyfriend or husband, you better hurry and hope you nail it!

Great gifts don’t have to be super expensive, it’s the thought that counts, but they surely have to be personalised, make sure you surprise them and that they’ll love it.

Here are some gift ideas for that last minute stocking filler, to suit every pocketbook!

1. GoPro HD Hero2 Camera

GoPro HD Hero2 Camera $299, includes waterproof housing and several mounts

Packing more power than most professional cameras today, this teeny weeny but very spectacular camera can be attached with a special mount to your clothes, helmet, snowboard, surfboard, you name it.

2. Birkiland Beard Cap

Birkiland Beard Cap
, $104

This exquisite cap comes in different beard shapes and 5 colours, and covers both head and neck. Perfect for those snowstorms or just to have some fun every other day!

3. DIY Guitar Pick Punch

DIY Guitar Pick Punch, $15.99

For the guitar player in the family; you know guitar picks are constantly getting lost!

4. Green People Organic Homme Face Lotion for Men

Green People Organic Homme Face Defense Lotion with SPF15
, £16.50

Because every man should use face lotion on a daily basis, and girls want them to be good-looking! This one is especially great and powerful, combining anti-aging and antioxidant actives that guards against wrinkles, soothes the skin and even has a medium sun protection factor. It’s vegan and  suitable for men who may be prone to eczema, psoriasis, acne & skin blemishes.

5. Remote Control Candles

Remote Control Candle Set, £9.99

Wow, this would be perfect for Barney Stinson’s house. This remote controlled LED candle set has a realistic flame flicker effect and wax lookalike finishing, that will surely improved the mood lighting in his home or garden. And his house won’t burn down!

6. The iPhone Three-Lens Dial

3-in-1 Lens Set for iPhone 4/4s
, $249

A complete three-lens optical system for avid iPhoneographers! It boasts three optical-quality coated glass lenses: wide angle, fisheye and telephoto. All wrapped up in a slim aircraft-grade aluminium jacket equipped with two tripod mounts, for portrait or landscape shots.

7.  Gyro Flyer Remote Control Helicopter

Gyro Flyer Remote Control Helicopter, £24.99

Every guy I know wants this (yes, Mr. boyfriend, you too!). No matter what age they are, this little helicopter seems to be a success around men. The Gyro technology provides greater stability, which makes this flying toy so popular. It can be flown indoors and outdoors with a flight range of 8 meters.

8. Skull Money Bank

Skull Money Bank
, £20 (Buy one get one free)

For those who want to keep those precious pennies hidden in true treasure-island-style in this life-size skull money bank. Available in black, grey and mint green at Urban Outfitters.

9. Things We Didn’t Know Toilet Paper

Things We Didn’t Know Toilet Paper
, £5.99

Now, where’s the best place to learn something new? Yes, alright, it’s school, but indulge us for a moment would you? With the Things We Didn’t Know Toilet Paper, the toilet becomes the ultimate seat of learning – concealed within its rolls of paper are countless statements of varying degrees of truth (no-one said it had to be true to be educational!).

Happy shopping!

PS: For all you Christmas lovers, I’m doing a 10-day Christmas post-a-thon, under the tag It’s Christmas Time, until December 24th! This is the season to be jolly, ain’t it?! So get your holiday spirit on!

Image credit to xlifeisbeautiful