London is the Reason

I could be here and ramble all day only giving you reasons why me and the boyfriend are packing our lives into a humongous suitcase and move to London. But I really don’t think I need to say much.

Some things are just meant to be, and we shouldn’t be delayers of our own fate. Live in the moment and make your dreams come true. Do whatever makes you happy but remember sometimes you have to risk it all to take it to the next level.
It was the city I’ve visited most and it was the only one who stole my heart. It’s true when people say images are worth a thousand words. You’ll get the point.

English tea anyone?

Rita ♥


  1. I must say I feel a bit the same. I’ve been to london with my girlfriend in January for 5 days, and I’m here right now, attending some conferences, and I feel like this city it’s pretty much perfect, and if I want to leave Portugal to risk life abroad, London would be the perfect spot. So best of luck for you two, it’s going to be a great experience for sure.

  2. I’m sold.

    And you didn’t even show the delicacies available in the multicultural pot that is London. From Krispy Kremes to the most exotic food (vegetarian too) you can think of. Yummy.

    Plus… you’re a train ride (through lovely countryside) from other dreamy UK places.

    Dang… time to get my english tea brewing.

    Wishing you & Pete all the best in this new and amazing phase in your lives. It’ll be awesome (the eddie izzard kind of awesome). Great photos, btw!

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