iPad Drama

Oh bummer, iPad restoring

Oh, first world problems. Ever since I got my iPhone 3 years ago, Mr. Steve Jobs got me hooked on Apple devices. Needless to say, I’ve grown into a weirdo girl that treats her tech as if they were her own kids. Either it’s good marketing or some sort of addictive substance on their gizmos, Apple has this effect on people, and it really did change my life (and swear i wasn’t paid to say this!).

Can you believe actually wait in line and camp for day in front of Apple stores just to buy a gadget, yeah, good branding and amazing products drive people nuts! So last Christmas a new Apple baby arrived to our home – an iPad – and it fulfilled that tiny gap in my geeky heart. The unimaginable thought of living without a laptop computer has now become bearable, and i barely use a laptop now.

The iPad always made his momma proud, he has been a good boy. But two days ago, out of nothing, it kept restarting every 3 minutes and it wouldn’t stop. We tried everything, from hard reset, erasing all the apps and restoring the software. Almost had an anxiety attack! It kept crashing and rebooting, like it had a will of its own.

So i had to took it to the ER, i mean technical support, and left the poor baby there and went home with a broken heart. The guy said if they didn’t fix the problem i’d get a brand new one. Yay!

Well, after a storm comes the rainbow. Good news are they just called saying i could come to the store and pick a brand new iPad later today. Ahah! It feels like an off-season Christmas! We might get some iPad Unboxing Porn tonight.

Cupcakes and candies all around,

Rita Fontes♥


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