No, I Don’t Miss It At All

People often ask me if I will ever consider going back on my decision on choosing a plant-based diet, without even blinking, it is easy for me to reply with a firm ‘No way Jose!’. Even though that is not an option for me, I wonder how would I feel if I ever drank cow milk or ate a meat burger again, just for once.
Truth is I am not willing to do it, because honestly I just can’t, and the idea of it repulses me. I wouldn’t do it even if someone bribed me with million dollars, just like I wouldn’t do drugs because it just doesn’t feel right to me.

No, I Don't Miss It At All
Anyways, I truly enjoyed reading David’s adventure on going vegan for 30 days, and coming across his reaction on when he revisited animal products after his challenge.

“Part of the experiment was to try a few animal foods when my 30 days was up to see how my body and feelings would respond.
My first day after the experiment, I ate all vegan except instead of my usual soy latte I had one with cow’s milk. My first impression was that it tasted kind of dirty. It felt like it was something I wasn’t supposed to have in my mouth. I felt a bit of guilt — not that I felt my purchase was overtly harmful, but that I knew my body didn’t really want that. Wanting to see the effects of a whole beverage, I drank the whole thing. Within an hour I felt really awful and went home sick from work.

The next day my mission was to test out cheese. I had a vegetarian sandwich which was vegan except for a slice of cheese. I again felt the same dirtiness and hint of guilt when I detected the cheese, but it was milder this time. I didn’t get sick, I just felt that heavy, draining feeling I used to get.

I’ve tried a few others since then. I had no desire to eat any meat (…) I had a piece of fish in my lunch today and wish I’d gotten something else. It was okay but totally unnecessary and left me sluggish and cranky. My meat experiment is over.

Right now I’m still in full-on vacation mode so we’re eating out a lot, and I’m having a bit of dairy now and then. I don’t find it as violently repulsive as that first latte was, but I’m definitely going back to 100% vegan when I get home on Sunday.” – David Cain from

Good to know that after his challenge, a year ago, he still stays vegan.

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