Have a nice weekend


Guys, I’m so looking forward for the next 3 days, you have no idea! We’re going away for the bank holiday weekend and our only goal is to rest and wind down. We’re going to the beautiful little town of Dartmouth in Devon and we’ll be carrying no laptops, who knows if we’ll have decent 3G on our iPhones. There’s a big chance I’ll check in on Instagram though, can’t kill the habit.

I’ve been wanting to do a tech detox for quite a while now… We both have jobs that involve being in front of computers all day so this will be a good break from it all. Unfortunately this means there won’t be no Weekly Wrap-Up next Monday, but it’s only for a good cause.


What are your plans for the weekend? Hope you all have a nice one, be happy and make the most of it whatever you do!

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Images courtesy of English Heritage and Simon Lewis

5 Tips To Care For Your Indoor Succulents


One of my favourite types of plants are succulents and cacti. They’re beautiful and the perfect addition to your home, bringing those dull corners to life. Apparently they are nearly indestructible, so I don’t know how I’ve managed to kill every succulent I’ve ever attempted to grow. I find cacti a bit more resilient though.

Things start off well enough, but a few weeks after I bring new succulents into my home they decide to give up on me. They begin to turn soggy and soft in places and eventually die. I always joke I give my plants too much love, poor little things.

This time around I didn’t follow my worthless gardening knowledge, and instead decided to gather some tips online about looking after succulents before jumping into action.


The Gallery Café: Diner Tuesdays

The Gallery Café

I was kindly invited by The Gallery Café to review their Diner Tuesdays, which is the day of the week when they specialise on great american classics. If you know me from The Mighty Fork, you’ll know I’m a fan of hot dogs and burgers. They had me at hello.

This place is tucked in the ground floor of St. Margaret’s House in Bethnal Green, East London. The colourful bunting caught my eye from afar. The first thing I’ve noticed when we walked in was that the place was packed. We had to wait a little bit in order to get a table, which can only mean something: good food.

The café had a young, hip vibe, with some people studying on tables and groups of friends hanging out, having fun. This place has free wifi, making it perfect for that quick meeting or to catch up on emails.

Gallery Cafe