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The Coolest Yoga Classes in London

The Coolest Yoga Classes in London

Are you bored of the usual gym-based yoga classes? I know I am. I’m in dire need to step up my yoga game as lately I’ve been utterly detached from my yoga practice because it doesn’t get me as excited as before. I want something new!
And where’s the best place to experience yoga in a totally new perspective? Right here in the city of London.

You can attend free yoga classes in many parks of the city, which is great during summer. You can even have a go at shoulder stands inside hotpods set up on various rooftops. There’s so much going on. I’m sure you’ll find something in the city that tickles your fancy.

Here’s a roundup of the five coolest yoga classes in London. These should totally go on your bucket list…


DIY Lemon Sugar Scrub For Glowing Skin

DIY lemon sugar scrub

Lemons are my favourite thing in the world. Well, maybe that’s a big statement – but they surely lie at the top of the list of my favourite ingredients for sure. Lemon has amazing qualities and when used on skin it works as a mild astringent and clarifier. When lemon juice is combined with sugar, it becomes a powerful exfoliant, too.

Here’s how to get gorgeous looking skin with this easy lemon trick…