A Very Lush Hair

A Very Lush Hair

Recently someone asked me over on Instagram what was my secret for soft, silky hair. Well, I cringe when I think of my natural hair… It used to be frizzy, with oily roots and dry ends and overall chemically damaged. I did some crazy stuff to my hair in my teenage years. Too much pink dye and the occasional bleaching, on top of daily blow-dries and hair straightening. Every hairdressers nightmare I suppose.

In the last years, I’ve come a long way when it comes to hair care. I still blow-dry my hair on a daily basis and straighten my fringe, but apart from that I try to take good care of my locks.

One of the things that made a huge difference was cutting down on the amount of chemicals that I put in my hair. Lush has definitely become my best friend in the hair department…

A Very Lush Hair

I used a lot of drugstore bought hair care products in the past. I was fooled by their promises of shiny, healthier tresses but they eventually damage your hair from the inside. Exposing your hair to harsh chemicals actually destroys it in the long run, stripping it off essential oils it needs to stay healthy, breaking down protein and halting healthy hair growth. My hair became really weak and dull.

I now use Big Sea Salt Shampoo, which naturally cleans your hair with sea salt and seaweed. It’s also made with extra virgin coconut oil and organic lemon juice leaving it shiny, smooth and volumised.

As a hair conditioner, I use American Cream. It has a soft fragrance of strawberry and vanilla and leaves your hair soft and shiny. Packed with organic orange juice to add gloss, its acidity makes the hairs’ cuticles lie flat and allows it to reflect more light.

After blow-drying my hair, I use a tiny portion of the R&B on the ends only. It’s packed with avocado butter, olive oil, oat milk, jojoba oil and extra virgin coconut oil, providing that perfect shiny finish to your hair, whilst moisturising it deeply.

What is your hair care routine? Have you ever tried Lush hair products?

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  1. É das poucas linhas Lush que nunca experimentei – a capilar. Mas esse champô de sal tem-me deixado muito muito curiosa. Talvez da próxima vez aposte nisso!

    1. Comecei a usar este shampoo depois de ter experimentado um travel size no Natal, e adorei. Entao comecei a usar diaramente e adoro. Nao estou a exagerar quando digo que e’ o melhor shampoo que alguma vez usei. x

    1. You should definitely give Lush a try. They’ll help you out choosing what are the best products for your hair type, and even give you samples to try at home before committing to buy a full size. x

    1. I think natural hair products are definitely the way to go. After all it’s what we were designed to use, unless there’s issues that require specific treatment, such as hair loss, dandruff, etc. This stuff is the bomb! x

    1. Olá Carla! Aprecio imenso quando me fazem perguntas, e fico contente se poder ajudar de alguma forma! Espero que tenhas ficado mais esclarecida 🙂

      Fiz um alisamento há cerca de 3 anos e meio e gostei bastante do resultado. Os primeiros dias sao super chatos porque nao se pode lavar nem atar o cabelo. Tirando esse inconveniente inicial, nos primeiros meses senti realmente o cabelo muito mais suave e brilhante e nao voltou a ficar com frizz. Notei principamente esta diferenca em dias humidos.

      Pela minha experiencia, passado cerca de 6 meses sinto que o cabelo voltou a ter algumas ondas naturais quando nao o estico, mas nao voltei a fazer mais nenhum alisamento desde ai. Acho que como agora uso produtos que nutrem o cabelo em profundidade, o frisado natural já nao e tao marcado como antes, mas talvez o alisamento que fiz tenha ajudado a domar o meu cabelo! 🙂

  2. I recieved a Lush gift basket once and loved several of their products (their shower scrub was THE BEST) but I find they’re a little expensive for my taste. Then again, I am pretty low maintance with my hair and it seems to like it that way. I’m glad you found what works for you, though!!


    1. I understand they are generally a bit more expensive than drugstore products, but the quality is incomparable.
      But for instance, their shampoo bars (my very favourite is Godiva btw) are around £6 and last up to 60 washes. 🙂

  3. Thank you for this!! I’ve actually been really curious about the Lush hair care products and have been meaning to check them out. I’ve heard great things about their shampoo bars too.

    You have such beautiful hair, Rita! And it’s really true that the products you use can make such a difference. I’ll let you know when I end up picking up some of these things!

    x Kathryn
    Through the Thicket

    1. Hi Kathryn! Their shampoo bars are great as well, I sometimes use the Godiva, which is as 2-in-1 shampoo / moisturiser. They’re especially great for when you’re travelling. I just feel that Big is a great all-around everyday shampoo that works well for me.

      Would love to know if you end up trying these and what are your thoughts! 🙂 x

  4. I love to see Lush posts! I’ve been using their solid shampoo bar, Lullaby and their solid conditioner, jungle. I’m reviewing them next week.

    1. Hi Taylor! I also use their solid shampoo bars, my favourite is Godiva as it’s also very moisturising, like a 2 in 1. Never tried a solid conditioner but I need to try one out soon 🙂 Can’t wait to see your review! x

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