Lemon-Infused Water In My Bobble

Lemon-Infuse Water In My Bobble

I carry my Bobble bottle everywhere, around the office, to every meeting, while working out, on the go, you name it!

I find that keeping a bottle of water near me at all times really helps me reach my goal of drinking two litres of water a day.

This size holds up to 550ml so I try to fill it up three times per day, plus I drink two cups of matcha tea in the morning, which gives me my total of 2 litres.

Recently I’ve been adding in some flavour with a slice of organic lemon and a few mint leaves. The Bobble only filters liquids so adding a hint of flavour in solid form won’t do any harm. Infusing lemon also adds some extra benefits such as lowering your chances of developing diseases like cancer, slow weight gain and even prevent the common cold.

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