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Original Source Skin Quench & Body Scrub

Whenever I’m in need of some self-pampering, I always find myself being drawn to the body lotion / shower gel aisle of my local drugstore. Much to my surprise, I noticed Original Source had launched new shower gels.

I’m a die-hard fan of Original Source and their amazingly scented shower gels, so these really caught my eye. The new Skin Quench range, which is all vegan, is packed with natural soft oil beads that contain moisturising oils that burst onto your skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth.

Original Source Skin Quench & Daily Scrub

I bought the Watermelon & Jojoba Oil and the Blackcurrant & Moringa Oil moisturising shower gels, pretty much because I couldn’t choose between them. The fragrance is amazing and even after a quick shower, it leaves your skin smelling like a dessert. I absolutely love it.

This time around I also brought with me the Daily Scrub in Blood Orange. It smells immense and it definitely leaves your skin feeling smoother. I wouldn’t mind if it contained more exfoliating beads though.

Have you tried these new shower gels? Which one is your favourite?

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Summer Couscous Salad

I have a passion for finding peace in unexpected places. Quickly putting together simple ingredients to create a meal, is for me what I like to call “my zen”.
I especially find the act of chopping vegetables really soothing to my soul, like therapy. It’s like all my focus and energy are both flowing towards the same direction. No multitasking here; otherwise you’ll risk accidentally chopping a thumb off, which ain’t pretty.

Even though I personally prefer cooked foods, there’s something so raw about salads. I guess they’re the perfect meal for scorching hot days like the ones we’ve been having this summer.

One of these days I whipped up this light and ridiculously good looking couscous salad. I basically used what I had in my fridge, so feel free to alter the ingredients used.


The Mighty Adventure

Some of you may know me from The Mighty Fork (holla!), but in case you don’t, it was a plant-based street food business selling vegan hot dogs in and around London from July 2013 to March this year.
Alongside moving to the UK nearly 3 years ago, quitting my job and opening a small business were the craziest things I’ve ever done! I’m glad I had the support of my husband, because otherwise I don’t think I would have been able to do it on my own.
The risk we’ve taken proved to be minimal comparing to the meaningfulness of the outcome, to the point of wanting to further expand the business.

Unfortunately, we had to make the tough decision of putting The Mighty Fork on hold for an undetermined time and here’s why…