5 Tips To Care For Your Indoor Succulents

One of my favourite types of plants are succulents and cacti. They’re beautiful and the perfect addition to your home, bringing those dull corners to life. Apparently they are nearly indestructible, so I don’t know how I’ve managed to kill every succulent I’ve ever attempted to grow. I find cacti a bit more resilient though.

Things start off well enough, but a few weeks after I bring new succulents into my home they decide to give up on me. They begin to turn soggy and soft in places and eventually die. I always joke I give my plants too much love, poor little things.

This time around I didn’t follow my worthless gardening knowledge, and instead decided to gather some tips online about looking after succulents before jumping into action.

Succulents Succulents


  1. Succulents are desert plants and don’t like to be watered very often. Water them every couple of months and always allow the soil to dry completely before giving them another drink.
  2. Don’t ever let the soil become water logged. To aid water drainage, the bottom layer should contain pebbles or gravel so the water can drain properly, which would cause the root to rot.
  3. Give your indoor succulents as much natural light as possible. They won’t survive if they don’t have enough light.
  4. Add a light layer of gravel on top of the soil. This is not only a decorative touch, but it also plays an important role. This will keep your succulents healthy by preventing the bottom leaves to become in direct contact with the wet soil.
  5. Green varieties will adapt better to an indoor environment: crassulas, agaves, and aloes make for ideal houseplants.


If you have any other helpful tips I’d love to hear them! I really want these to last a lot longer than the previous ones.

Fingers crossed these babies will survive in my hands and good luck if you’re growing succulents!

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