Vegan Food Swap: August’ 12

It’s official, this month I’ve become a food swapper and loved it! ‘Now what the heck is that?’ You might be asking. It is pretty similar to a penpal program but for foodies, in which you share local food items or goodies you’ve cooked/baked yourself.

To Happy Vegans organised the first UK vegan food swap in July, where every month you are assigned a partner to send a parcel of vegan goodies to and in return you receive your own parcel of surprise delights! Sound exciting, right? There’s only 2 conditions: the spending limit is £10, and all items must be vegan and must take into account your partner’s allergy requests – there must be no cheating!

My partner this month was Paul Maxwell ( @veganmonkey ) and this is the amazing stuff I’ve got:

Vegan Treats

Getting a surprise package full of vegan treats felt just like Christmas in August, except you don’t have to pretend you liked your aunt’s gift – you actually love everything in it. Amazing. Wasabi popcorn and peas, ginger truffle slices, smoky chipotle sauce, caramel bonbons and organic blueberry and chamomile teas – ermahgerd, drooling all over this!

If you want to participate in next month’s food swap, it’s super simple. Just sign up with one of the lovely ladies at To Happy Vegans by 5th of September.

Happy swapping (and eating)!

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