Nesting Inspiration: Wall Decals

The funniest part of moving to a new place is having a blank slate to decorate, especially when you have the right amount of time to think through every room of the house. I’ve been gathering some inspirational pictures for our London nest lately on Pinterest and Fancy.

Especially when you’re renting a place and have previously signed a contract, you have to be careful and don’t drill too many holes on your walls, or ideally, none. So one option you have is to go for for wall decals instead of hanging frames.

Wall decals are usually cut from high quality vinyl. That means when you want to remove to vinyl later on, there will be no damage to the wall or paint unlike many other wall decals on the market which use a permanent adhesive. They can be applied to just about any surface including drywall (your typical interior wall), concrete, glass (mirrors & windows), wood, and metal.

Even though wall decals might sound a little 2008 – you surely remember the vintage floral ornament frenzy, right? -, I’m absolutely loving the functionality and minimalistic component that wall decals can have, also I’m an inspirational quote freak.
I just discovered Simple Shapes store on Etsy, and they provide high quality wall decals for baby nurseries, home and offices at reasonably low prices, and they even have a customised design service in each you can pick the right color tone that matches your home.

I honestly think the Weekly Calendar is perfect for our kitchen, it’s great to take little notes and keep track on chores and upcoming events. Too lovely!

Happy Thursday,

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