Only Him.

He, who has been conquering me over all these years, who became my best friend, my confident, my better half, my rock and my shelter. My favorite person in the whole world. He owns every inch of me – body and soul. He, who makes me anxious every day until I hear his key going through the keyhole and stepping in.
He, who supports me in my existential crisis, stubborness and all the tantrums. I thank you. A person with a heart that I had never seen, with a boundless dedication and an altruism so rare and hard to find these days. He, who has been loving me with all his heart, despite all my flaws, no matter what, no matter how, no matter when.
He, who loves me for me. I’ve never seen a heart so big, so full, so caring and loving, giving and forgiving, or shining this kind of light that his does. His heart really is the most rare thing ever, like it was cut out of some old princessy fairytale, like no other. He’s my prince charming and my happy place all wrapped in one, with a strong and beautifully binded bow.

I could name a million reasons why I can’t live without this boy. Whenever I think about it, my heart writhes and I immediatly hold onto our memories with all the strength I have, because I truly cannot imagine myself without him. I dreamed so much about someone like him, that sometimes I can’t really believe he’s actually real. I have to pinch myself. *reality check* So after all these years it still takes me a while to realize that I’ve had actually found him. Already! When I was still a little 12 year old girl who knew nothing about life. I’ve met the man of my dreams, my best friend for a lifetime. And I couldn’t be more happy and thankful for it. I feel truly blessed.

That is why I feel so happy, even in the roughest of times… The bad is not that bad next to him. If everything else fails, he will still mean everything to me. He’s my dream world that happens to be real.
I want everyone in the world to know this, wish i could shout it out as loud as i can.. I love this boy with every inch of the depth of my heart and my soul. And even if sometimes I’m a cold, apparently distant and very clumsy person, it is only holding his hand that this journey makes sense. Dreams do come true, thanks to you.

Life is a ride and I’m so glad I’ve got my co-pilot to guide me through it. <3

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