We’re Moving to London

Beautiful London by night

…Wait, what? OMG, i still can’t believe this! You know when a lifelong dream is about to come true and it seems so good you have to pinch yourself only to make sure you’re not dreaming? I’ve been pinching myself every day for a month now, since we’ve booked our one-way flight tickets!

Ever since we were kids we’ve always had the dream of moving to the US or the UK. We’ve been setting out a realistic plan of our life-changing leap for over a year now, as mid-November 2011 always seemed a good date for us. Pre-Winter madness in London (favorite season), economical stability (well,  it’s a must), a couple years of great professional experiences in your resumé and a hell of an amazing boyfriend slash best friend for ages as a partner in crime.

It took us some time to figure out which one of our top favorite cities we loved most (tough call, i know!), we love New York, Boston and London. After a reassuring trip to London in April, it came to us like some sort of epiphany, it all made sense. London was the one to go.

We’re so ready for this. I can’t wait for the english autumn breeze, the cold rainy nights, freshly baked bagels and a coffee to go in the morning, the coolest stores, amazing food, brick-walled houses with backyards, vegetarian and vegan food everywhere, awesome gigs, the most beautiful parks, tree lined streets and a whole lot of love.

We got our flights booked for the October 31st, which makes 2 months and 1 day until then, and I’m an extremely happy and very anxious girl.

English tea and butter cookies,

Rita Fontes♥


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