Let There Be Light

It seems to me that the natural tendency of people nowadays is to live in a zombie-like mode, unquestioning, unloving and unaware, misregarding the meaning of life, our role in this world while we’re here. Been there, done that. Life happens, and it only happens to you once. It is certainly too short to live with regrets, to hold grudges, because in the end we’re all in the same boat, experiencing the here and now.

We gotta be here for each other, we gotta be forgiving and understanding, because truth to be told that’s the only way we can ever be peaceful at heart. Life will reward you in the most incredible ways.

We’ve been given a chance, an opportunity to make a difference even though we do not often realize it. Life is fragile and that’s the beauty of it, you gotta take care and hold onto it, hold on to the things or the ones you love most, such as friends, family, your boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife, your beliefs, whatever drives your soul. This is our time, to live and to love, to give and not take, and enjoy every minute of it because time ain’t stopping.

There’s no looking back in regret and no time to waste. The more you give, the more you’ll get. Let there be light.
Be patient, be loving, be positive, be truthful.

Close your eyes, breathe in, exhale and smile,

Rita Fontes♥

Image credit to: like whoa

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